Ten years of industry focus and ten years of industry experience.

Established in 2008 by the founder of Toney Bi, who have over 20 years cold forging tooling design and developing experience. The company situate in Dongguan City ,Guangdong province ,China. The company always concentrate on sheet metal fastener developing with cold forging process, especially focus on self-clinching fastener. After more than ten years of developing, we can produce most of major self-clinching fastener by forging process, such as self-clinching nut, self-clinching standoff, self-clinching studs ….etc. The company has been one of the leading manufacturer of sheet metal fastener in China.

Continuous improvement and technic innovation are the most important tow strategy of the company. In quality aspect, we got ISO 9001 certification. We build full range part testing and verifying lab. We can test product performance, hardness, rusting resistance ...etc. All our new part should pass strict testing before promoting it to the market. To guarantee the consistence of our product, we build optical sorting and visual sorting line, all our product should be 100% sorting before packing. In order to stay a step ahead of other manufacture, we build our equipment and tooling develop workshop. We have ability to develop the tooling and equipment we need, this can expedite our new product developing and technic innovation progress.

Our products are widely applied to telecommunication , electrical appliance, automobile, auto and other fields. Our product was widely adopted by customer from south Asia, Europe and America. Our company is step by step be a important sheet metal fastener supplier of the word.

We off high quality sheet metal fastener, if you just want to find a good supplier at this field, you are welcome to inquiry and visit us.